The United States of the World​​
The world must establish in Washington in the District of Columbia a strong central world government uniting states under a constitution that will allow all its citizens to live magnanimously and freely in one worldwide union of democratic states.
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World Unity: arguments for a United States of the World with Washington becoming the central government of a worldwide union of states.
American History: 12 essays on American history from the Massachusetts rebellion against Britain led by Samuel Adams to the end of the Cold War.
Fiction: a complete novel, Whacks, Women and Wanderings in the Soul, the adventures of a young man who drops out of regular American society.
Theater1: an aging man marries a young man and proves during a summer day on Cape Cod that the Greek myth about Oedipus can be adapted to fit even gay relationships. A 2-act play.
Theater2: An adaptation of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s novel, The Marble Faun. A 2-act play.
Baseball Metaphysics: a critical look at elements in a baseball game as symbolic expressions of the main themes of American cultural life.
Perpetual Baseball: criticism of the film masterpiece, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, showing how an imaginary baseball game helps an American hero in his struggle for spiritual freedom.
Saint-Cyran Letters: superb Christian letters of one of the leaders of the Jansenist movement in 17th-century France. Translated from the French.
Trinitarianism: an explanation of the mystery of the Christian Trinity using our knowledge of Christian grace and an analysis of the workings of the Trinity throughout Genesis, the first book of the Hebrew bible.
Biography: what life was like for an Irish-Catholic growing up in the 1940s and 50s in Somerville and Boston. 
Transcendentalism: an introduction to two creations of 19th-century America, Transcendentalism, a new New England religion, and Baseball, a sports drama that expresses the main cultural themes of American life.
Game 6 1975 World Series: a detailed description through 11 innings of perhaps the greatest baseball game ever played.
Blog: the letters of Saint-Cyran are featured as well as thoughts about a possible United States of the World.

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World Unity ​​

World Unity
American History
Theater 2
Baseball Metaphysics
Perpetual Baseball
Perpetual Baseball
Saint-Cyran Letters
Game 6 1975 World Series